Currently, 40 percent approve of Obama's handling of race relations, while 50 percent disapprove, said a joint opinion poll by Pew Research Center and USA on Tuesday."In August, shortly after Michael Brown's death in Ferguson, 48 percent approved of his handling of race relations, and 42 percent disapproved," the opinion poll said.

The deaths of Brown and Eric Garner at the hands of white police officers sparked nationwide protests, after grand juries in both cases declined to issue indictments.There is broad support across racial lines for body cameras.
Nearly 87 percent, including 90 percent of blacks and 85 percent of whites, think it is a good idea for police officers to wear body cameras to record their interactions, it said.

According to the poll, the public has very different reactions to the recent grand jury decisions in two police-related deaths that have sparked protests in cities across the country.
Obama's approval on race relations has declined the most among black people, from 73 percent to 57 percent since August. Among white people, it has declined from 42 percent to 33 percent.

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