The dilly-dally attitude of the ruling alliance towards the Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) report, which corroborates the irregularities with evidences, is highly objectionable. Actually, the very same attitude has been responsible for the series of scams and scandals in the country.  In an effort to mislead the nation, the Congress has come with up a startling proclamation that the CAG report sans any serious charges which call for a stringent action. If the Congress has not gone through the CAG report, then how can the party claim that it does not contain major allegations? Failing to take a lesson from the sour experience in the 2G Spectrum scam where Congress had ignored the CAG report, the party is once again towing the same path. The CAG report has given clear evidences of irregularities reported in the CWG scam. It would be virtually impossible for anyone to belie the CAG report. Stern action should be initiated against the persons indicted in the CAG report because the entire nation which has become a testimony to one scam after the other, will accept nothing less. The CAG report cannot be ignored under the guise of following the constitutional procedures and even more so when scam has been conducted in the form of loot. The CWG scam and loot are synonymous to each other as against the proposed expenditure of Rs 1,200 crore a whopping amount of Rs 18,000 crore was consumed for the preparations of the international sports event. Is it not an act of blatant loot? Therefore, after the CAG report, it has become extremely vital to punish the culprits rather than discussing the details in the Parliament or Public Accounts Committee. 

It is no longer a hidden fact that apart from holding discussions and settling political scores, both the ruling alliance as well the Opposition have done nothing on the CAG reports. An emphasis for a debate should be made only in those matters where CAG has made a comment related to the policy. This is an alarming signal that under the cover of discussions, the Centre and the state governments are making efforts to dispense with the CAG reports. After thorough investigations, the CAG via it’s various reports come up with the herculean task of exposing scams-scandals on the national and state level, but ironically these reports are easily shrugged away. At a time, when there is an urgent need to take a serious note of the CAG reports to prevent the damages to government coffers, the situation is vice-versa. It is extremely shameful that by overlooking the CAG report, the Union Government is prompting the State governments to follow a path which not only promotes financial irregularities but is also accountable for the spurt in scams-scandals. It appears that our politicians have become a part of the well planned conspiracy to ignore the importance of CAG. If it is not so, then why fingers are being raised over the functioning of the constitutional body. This is nothing but an alarming signal for the country. The CAG reports are not prepared so that they may be thrown in the waste basket after an unwarranted discussion.