Noida: A software engineer Rajan Gupta, working with an IT firm, used obscene SMSes and pics to cause his peer’s breakup with her fiancé. Gupta would send obscene messages and pictures of the girl to her would-be husband.

The girl’s father lodged a complaint with Kotwali Sector-24 Police Station against the software engineer in this regard. Acting tough on it, the police have arrested the accused, Rajan Gupta, who had used a fake ID and mailer services to send obscene messages causing problems for her female colleague.

The engineer was on friendly terms with the girl who was about to be married. Irked over the girl’s consent to get married, the engineer had hatched the conspiracy.

The engineer somehow managed to get access to the mobile number and e-mail ID of the girl’s fiancé. He had procured a SIM card in the name of another colleague to cause rift between the girl and her would-be husband. He had also created a facebook account in the name of the girl on which he uploaded the girl’s objectionable pics.

The girl’s fiancé informed his family members about this after which they decided to backtrack from their commitment for the marriage.