Chicago: Braving rain, thunderstorms and cold weather, people here have stepped out in large numbers to support the Occupy Chicago Movement, a spin-off of the Occupy Wall Street protest in New York.

The Occupy Movement has reached 1,500 cities world over and 1000 cities in the United States.

"The underlying cause is that people are unhappy, they feel they have lost their voice due to the influence of corporate finance on US policy," Todd Freeman, one of the organisers of the Occupy Chicago movement said.

Another way of putting it is, we feel our government has become "we the multinational corporations" instead of "we the people" to the detriment of us all, he said.

"This does not mean we are anti-globalisation, it means we need polices that work for the people, not for the one percent," Freeman added.

About 175 people were arrested over the weekend.

"We are more in numbers since the arrest of some on the weekend. It's going to keep growing in Chicago and I think it is going to grow in the world," Evelyn Dehais, the PR liaison of Occupy Chicago, said.

Dehais said that she initially came to give food for the protesters but was inspired by the crowds and joined it.

"It started in America with the Occupy Wall Street but was inspired by the Arab Spring in Libya, Tunisia and Egypt. Myself and other people were inspired by the Arab Spring," Sam Abraham, a senior student at DePaul University said.

There have been all kinds of people joining the movement. There have been some Indian American protesters also.