Kendrapara (Orissa): Oceanography experts have inspected the sea-erosion-hit Pentha coast in Orissa's Kendrapara district even as the country’s first geo-tube sea wall project under World Bank-funded Integrated Coastal Zone Management Programme (ICZMP) is likely to get delayed further.

Experts have opted for thorough scientific study of erosion-hit shoreline along Pentha coast in Rajnagar Tehsil. 

In the run up to the much-awaited sea wall project to arrest sea erosion, experts embarked on a scientific study of the vulnerable belt over the weekend.

A three-member team of oceanography experts from Indian Institute of Technology, Chennai made on-the-spot inspection of the shoreline.

"IIT experts are making comprehensive study of the erosion prone coast. Installation of geo-tube sea wall to save highly threatened hamlets will be delayed as the project would get underway only on the basis of experts’ reports," said J K Tripathy, Executive Engineer, Saline Embankment division.

A team of World Bank personnel in charge of ICZMP implementation had made on-the-spot inspection of the endangered embankment at Pentha last April. 

"The three-member oceanographic experts would study, among other things, the beach profile, moisture contents of sandy particles, morphology of the eroded beach, intensity, frequency and velocity of the waves," Tripathy said.

Of the 480 km long coastline in the state, 39.3 km is undergoing various degree of sea erosion. Pentha coast set for geo-synthetic tube refurbishment comes under high erosion zone, officials said.