Upadhyay also sought to take a jibe at Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal's for his claim that the movement was a success just hours after its implementation.

The Delhi government's ambitious Odd-Even scheme, to allow odd or even numbered vehicles on alternate days, got off to a decent start on New Year with volume of cars on the city roads coming down significantly amid deployment of thousands of policemen and moderately augmented public transport.

Expressing reservations over the Odd-Even scheme, Upadhayay said there were "practical problems" in the scheme which could have been discussed and ironed out before its implementation.

Citing his own experience, Upadhyay said, "I have both odd and even numbered vehicles but when I received a call about an injured party worker, I could not move immediately as only even (rpt even) numbered vehicle was available while the odd (rpt odd) numbered one was being used by my son. Finally I called a friend but I was delayed half an hour in taking the worker to trauma centre."

"Also, there are problems like women not allowed to drive along with say their male family members even if they do not know driving. Many drivers who were driving even numbered cars paid fine just because they had no availability of public transport to their workplaces," he said.

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