Office Lens works with OneNote. It was first launched a year ago as an application designed only for the Windows Phone.

Office Lens was launched on Apple's App store and on Android phones, alongside other Microsoft applications, including Office and Outlook. This is a part of the company's newer strategy to embrace other platforms outside its own.

According to a report, Office Lens identifies the text on the images it captures using optical character recognition (OCR), which allows users to locate the file using the keyword search in OneNote or in Microsoft's Cloud storage site, OneDrive.

Users can also convert the images they scan of paper files and whiteboards into Microsoft Office formats and more, including Word documents, PowerPoint presentations and even PDFs and JPGs. These files can then be inserted into OneNote as images.

Office Lens also offers a business-card scanning function that lets users turn cards into contact details which they can add to Outlook or your phone's contact list.