London: Bosses promote people they like and office Christmas party is a chance to work on your relationship, a business etiquette expert has claimed.

For most people, work Christmas party is an excuse to drink and eat on the boss's dime and wind down towards the end of the year, but for the more enterprising, the office get-together is the one chance a year they are in the same room as all your company's executives, and that means one thing - networking.

"This is a great opportunity to show management that you are like them, instead of reinforcing the differences by taking your shoes off or getting drunk, have a conversation and find out what your boss is about," a daily quoted Anna Musson as saying.

According to Chris Golis, who is an expert in "emotional intelligence" or the ability to indentify and control emotions, everyone's favourite topic is themselves.

Golis said that if you find yourself in a conversation with a senior executive, the top question to ask them is "What was your best decision this year?"

"That's getting them talking and you're implicitly saying in your question 'Why are you so good?'" Golis said.

Other good questions to ask, according to Golis, include "What's the best book you've read in the last year?", "Are you going anywhere special this Christmas?" and "Have you got a pet? Or did you have one?"
According to Golis, people often forget what you do or say but they never forget how you make them feel.

"Contact is one thing, but you have to think 'How many people would [executives] meet in a day?' - it's all a bloody blur," he said.

"I would say you have to talk for maybe five minutes to 10 minutes about anything but work," he added.

Additionally, Musson said that the best time to go up to any management is before the speeches because you won't have had too many drinks and they're all likely to still be there.


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