New Delhi: One of the officers of Pakistan’s premier anti-corruption body National Accountably Bureau (NAB) probing the Rental Power Projects (RPP) case involving Premier Raja Pervaiz Ashraf was on Friday found dead at his residence.

The officer, indentified as Kamran Faisal, was probing one of Pakistan’s mega corruption scandals.

Kamran Faisal, an Assistant Director of the National Accountability Bureau (NAB), had apparently committed suicide, police officials said.

Faisal, who was found dead in his room at his official accommodation at the Federal Lodges in Islamabad, was one of the two investigation officers probing allegations of graft in rental power projects.
The Supreme Court had last year directed NAB to take action against Prime Minister Ashraf and over 20 other suspects in connection with these allegations.
The allegations against Ashraf date back to his tenure as Power Minister.
On Wednesday, the apex court directed NAB to arrest Ashraf and other suspects.
NAB chief Fasih Bokhari told the court yesterday that he lacked evidence to make arrests.
Bokhari said investigators had not uncovered enough evidence against any of the suspects.


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