Chapra: Due to mismanagement and negligence of Treasury Department, the district administration here has to surrender a fund of one and half billion dollars to the Central government.

The fund, sanctioned by the Central and state governments, allocated for development were not utilised due to the mismanagement and lackadaisical attitude of the officials.

The funds allocated to this district for the programmes like Backward Regions Grant Fund (BRGF), organic farming, flood relief, drought relief, interracial marriages and various other development projects including scholarships were either lapsed or surrendered.

Surprisingly, the amount allocated to the engineering department or contractors was neither lapsed nor surrendered. According to official sources, the files for which bribes paid were cleared by the treasury officials.

Deputy Development Commissioner Shushil Kumar said, due to the negligence of the Treasury department officials here, the fund worth one and half billion dollars allocated for different schemes was surrendered.

Meanwhile, Treasury officer Gopichand Singh said he was not aware what amount has been surrendered.

(JPN/ Bureau)