Chicago: Rescue operators have located all the people who went missing in the wake of the deadliest single tornado which struck the United States.  All 134 victims have been identified, Missouri’s governor said.

The mile-wide May 22 twister reduced a third of the Missouri town of Joplin to rubble, tearing apart homes, businesses, a hospital and schools along a six-kilometre path.

With phone services knocked out and families scattered in search of a safe place to sleep, the governor asked the state patrol to help sort through thousands of request for help finding missing loved ones.

“Our troopers worked 24/7 to locate these individuals and to bring relief to the families of the living, and closure to the families of those who died,” Governor Jay Nixon said on Wednesday.

But while there is no mention in  the official list about the missing. Crew members continue to search the rubble for victims or even survivors even as they shift their focus to clean-up 10 days after the tornado struck.

“We have not given up hope. We will proceed with the hope of a miracle occurring,” said Mark Rohr, city manager of Joplin.

Previous reports had placed the toll as high as 146, but officials later clarified that number included partial remains that could be from the same individuals or from the wounded.

“The coroner has released all of the deceased back to their loved ones,” Seth Bundy, a Missouri government spokesman, told reporters.