“While working on the campaign, our endeavour was to translate this powerful platform philosophy into a message that everyone could connect with. The campaign drives the message that everyone now has equal opportunities and access to experience the best in the world,” Abhijit Avasthi, National Creative Director, Ogilvy India, said.

“Most young Indians believe they have what it takes to do well in life. The one thing they yearn for is an opportunity someone to level the playing field and something that takes privileges out of the equation. Android One from Google is that one thing that can. And we’ve attempted to present this power of Android One to India at large,” Kawal Shoor, Head of Planning, Ogilvy Mumbai, said.

Sukesh Nayak, Executive Creative Director, Ogilvy Mumbai, said, “India is the first market to launch Android One platform. The anthem film celebrates people from small towns and all walks of life literally showing that everyone today has equal access to technology that can help them fulfil their dreams.”

Sandeep Menon, Director, Marketing, Google India, said, “We are very happy to partner with Ogilvy for this initiative. The anthem film for Android One is an integral part of our campaign, as it showcases our key message for this initiative. Through this anthem we want to highlight that Android One is meant for Indians from all walks of life. The team at Ogilvy has developed a great concept and we are very excited to see how people react to the anthem film.”

The Android One platform will empower people of India to access information and get to a high-quality smartphone at an affordable price.