Priyanka, 34, plays the main antagonist in the movie, set for May, 2017 release."It's Dwayne and Zac together. Just picture them together. Isn't that just funny looking at them together? The film is just really funny. That in itself is fun, now imagine that in slow motion. It's a great movie. It doesn't take itself seriously. It's a comedy and I play the bombshell of a villain in the movie", the ‘Quantico’ star said.

Priyanka is confident the movie will be a blockbuster. "I'm very excited about the movie because I was a big fan of the show. I think 'Baywatch' as a show is much more popular around the world. I mean, people just loved the show all over the world and this movie according to me will be a big summer blockbuster next year because it's so funny", she said.

‘Baywatch’ is the big screen remake of the hugely popular '90s action drama series of the same name.

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