New Delhi, Jan 21 (Agencies): Rupture in a pipeline carrying crude oil from state-owned Oil and Natural Gas Corp’s (ONGC) caused an oil spill off the Mumbai coast on Friday.

The leakage in a pipeline carrying Mumbai High crude oil to Uran was reported on Friday morning and production was immediately stopped, a senior company official said.

"Production from the Mumbai High and Bassein oilfields was restarted and crude oil is being transported to shore using a separate line," he said.

ONGC boats and Coast Guards vessels have been pressed into service to access the damage. "Right now it is difficult to say what the damage has been," he said.

Production from the field was stopped for a short while following the incident but was resumed shortly after oil flow from subsea wells was diverted through another line.

Mumbai High and Bassein fields together produce 247,000 barrels of oil per day and the brief stoppage would mean that they would produce about 25,000 barrels less oil on Friday.

The official said divers are being pressed into service to go down to sea-bed to access the damage to the pipeline.

"Remedial measures will follow once we know the extent of the oil spill," he added.