Engaging in a war of words, the Softbank-backed company claimed that Micro, which is available in seven Indian cities, is on track to match the number of total rides of Uber in India within a month.

"In three weeks, we have put up a category (Ola Micro) which is already 50 per cent of all of Uber's daily bookings in the country. The rate at which Micro is growing, it will be larger than their entire brand within a month," Ola chief marketing officer and head of categories Raghuvesh Sarup told reporters.

Also, Micro in merely three weeks has achieved the same number of rides what Ola took around three years to achieve, he added.

Ola launched the Micro category a few weeks back, pricing it cheaper than its most affordable 'Mini' segment at about Rs 6 per km.

Micro is available across Delhi, Bengaluru, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Hyderabad and Pune and will be launched in other cities as well, Sarup said.

Interestingly, Uber President Asia Eric Alexander, in an interview, had said the company is on the verge of overtaking Ola in India.

"In January last year, we were at five per cent market share. Now, we are right at the edge of 50 per cent. Within next 30 days, we would beat them (Ola). We will surpass them very, very shortly," he had said.

An Uber India spokesperson added,"The growth and momentum is phenomenal. We are incredibly excited to see the progress we are making in India."

She highlighted that Uber's most affordable offering – UberGO -- is priced at Rs 5 per km in several cities like Chandigarh.