There is nothing new about Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee’s saying that the alliance governments have proved hurdles in the way of reforms as this thing has been reiterated many a times on several occasions. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh himself has also accepted the fact that every coalition government has its own compulsions. Similar statements have also been made by the Chief Economic Advisor in Finance Ministry, Kaushik Basu albeit in a different way.
There is no denying that it is very difficult to run an alliance government, on the contrary it is easier for a party to run a government with an absolute majority.
It is true that each and every party in the coalition government is very well acquainted with the problems an alliance faces, but the major constituent in the ally is not concerned to devise strategy for running good governance. It is so when they know it very well that the coalition politics is no ideal alternative to run a government.
In case of not getting respite from forming an alliance government at successive period, such a system is required to be developed in the country so that it does not hamper matters of national interest. But nobody knows that why an initiative is not being taken in this regard irrespective of the fact that the Opposition party, BJP is not leaving any chance to target the UPA government due to its own weaknesses.
For the formation of an alliance government, it is not only necessary to take steps like ensuring pre –poll alliance working out on common minimum programme and fixing the duration of successive governments . Only then the coalition government can get relief from blackmailing from its allies.
A number of recent references are testimonials to the fact that the government at the Centre is unable to take important decisions due to undue pressure exerted by alliance partners.
Not only the Trinamool Congress supremo, Mamata Banerjee is compelling the UPA government to take decisions as per her whims and fancies but parties like AIADMK and Nationalist Congress party (NCP) have also adopted a pressurizing tactic to alter government decisions at several occasions. In connection with Pranab’s statement NCP chief Sharad Pawar has opined that although running an alliance government is a difficult task but it is not as hard as it is being assumed. According to Pranab, it is nothing more than an art. If we go by his statement in which he had said that it has become the easiest task to run an alliance government because coalition partners are successful in raking up unjustified demands and even getting them fulfilled. But since regional parties only look for their interests, they tend to refrain from adopting a logical approach in matters of national interests.