Today, though most of us are surrounded by latest technology and modern architecture, one still longs for historic structures that remind us of our roots.

Here, we bring you a list of world's oldest man made structures that are still in use:

1. The Tower of Hercules: An ancient Roman lighthouse, the Tower of Hercules, was built in 2nd century and is the world's oldest existing lighthouse which is still being used. The 1900-year-old structure overlooks the Atlantic Coast of Spain and is declared as the National Monument of Spain.

2. Mosque of Uqba: The Great Mosque of Kairouan (known as Mosque of Uqba) was established by the Arab General uqba ibn Nafiin in 670 AD. It is the oldest Islamic place of worship and proves to be one of the greatest Islamic arts.

3. Proserpina Dam: Built during 1st or 2nd century AD, this dam is one of the oldest Roman architectures. The Proserpina Dam is a Roman gravity dam built in Spain as a part of the infrastructure which supplied water to the city of Emerita Augusta. Even though the city fell apart, the dam remains intact without any damage. It is a part of Archaeological Ensemble of Merida, an UNESCO World Heritage Site.

4. Caravan Bridge:The history of city of Izmir boasts of the Caravan Bridge. The bridge, currently in Turkey, was built around 850 BC and is one of the oldest functioning bridges in the world. The bridge is built over the river Meles.

5. The Santa Sophia:Santa Sophia (also known as Hagia Sophia) is a museum in Istanbul, Turkey. The structure was built in 537 AD as a Greek Orthodox Cathedral, then converted to a Roman Catholic and later to a mosque. The building is still intact and is now a museum open for public.

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