Dedicated to the women actors of the Indian cinema, the 2016 Vintage Calendar is an initiative by Bollywood portal and app Indian Film Information (IFI) in association with Epic Channel.

Sunil Bohra of Bohra Bros, who is the brain behind the calendar, said in a statement, "I'm doing this for two main reasons. First one is that I love my film industry and want to share whatever I have with all. Secondly, for my grandfather Shri Ram Bohra, who was the first filmmaker in our family and founder of Bohra Bros in 1947."

"His love for the industry is evident through his body of work. He was the president of Indian Motion Pictures Producer Association (IMPPA) for 13 years in a row... The record still stands unbroken.

"The calendar is 2 ft 3 inch tall, and will be sent to members of the film fraternity as a gift from Indian Film Information. People outside of the film industry can get their hands on the calendar through a contest which runs on Epic Channel.

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