Los Angeles: 'Tron' actress Olivia Wilde's divorce to Italian Prince Tao Ruspoli has been finalised.
The 27-year-old married in Ruspoli when she was 19 and after being together for eight years Wilde filed for a divorce in March.
"I got a divorce and self-medicated with food. But I figure that's better than self-medicating with crack cocaine," Wilde said.
The actress said she is on good terms with her ex and doesn't like to keep any negative relationships.
"We're friends; his family is my family. You always have a choice to feel angry and not are friends. But I can't handle the idea of walking into a room and seeing someone I have bad blood with. I can't keep any negative relationship with anyone," Wilde added.
Since her split from Ruspoli, the actress has been romantically linked to Bradley Cooper, Ryan Gosling, Justin Timberlake and Ryan Reynolds.