London: A road cycle circuit and mountain bike trails will be built in London's Olympic Park after the Games this year, underlining the growing popularity of cycling in Britain.

"There is now a clear legacy from 2012 which will benefit cycling for many years to come and ensure more people can take to their bikes in top class facilities," said Ian Drake, chief executive of British Cycling.

The one mile circuit and 8km of trails will be built around the indoor Velodrome, the Olympic Park Legacy Company said on Thursday. To be completed by the end of 2013, they will create a set of facilities designed to cater for everyone from budding athletes to families enjoying a leisurely bike ride.

London mayor Boris Johnson has already announced plans for a two-day "festival of cycling" when the Olympic Park reopens to the public in 2013.

Britain's success in the sport has seen a 15 percent increase in cycling over the past year alone. Pelotons of amateur weekend riders are now a common feature on the country's crowded roads.