"You have been in the government for the last six months at the Centre. Please tell us where (we have robbed the state)," Omar said in response to Modi's statement at the election rally in Kishtwar.

Omar also said the allegations by Modi is not a new thing that is being hurled at state political parties.       

"This (such allegations) is not a new thing.... Perhaps he is getting afraid. If we had really looted the state, would people have supported us like this.... It is a proof of the fact that we have won the hearts of the people," he added.       

Modi alleged that two "ruling" families have "looted" J and K and asked the voters to "punish" them.

"Will only two families rule in J&K, can't other families produce leaders? You are repenting for the last 50 years.... If you don't punish the two families ruling here, they (the families) will come back with renewed resurgence," he said at the rally here without directly naming the Abdullahs and Muftis.

"Why have you kept Jammu and Kashmir mortgaged to these two families. They have an understanding among themselves. One loots the state for five years and then is thrown out of power and then the other start looting the state. They have a five-year contract to loot the state," Modi alleged.       

BJP president Amit Shah, earlier this week at an election rally at Ramban, had alleged that the Centre had been pumping billions of rupees into J and K and wondered whether it was being siphoned off to London.     

The Chief Minister challenged the BJP president to prove his allegations.

"Amit Shah is famous for following people and tapping phones. Prove it (the allegation)," Omar added.

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