"Six months ago when I was campaigning for them (Congress), they did not find any fault in me, when I was campaigning for Rahul Gandhi to become the Prime Minister of the country that time they didn't find fault in me, but now all of a sudden they have started finding the faults," Omar said, addressing an election rally in support of National Conference (NC) nominee Devendra Singh Rana here.

Omar blamed the Congress for leaving the state of Jammu and Kashmir on the verge of polarisation in 2008 during the Amarnath Land row.

"When you left the government in 2008 the state was almost divided. There was so much of distrust between the two regions of the state, that the employees from Kashmir were not ready to work in Jammu and even the businessman from Kashmir had stopped doing business with Jammu," he said.

Omar said it was during his tenure as chief minister that two regions of the state came together and there were no communal riots in the state.

"You divided people of the state, but we (NC) brought them together. There has been 70 per cent decline in the militancy in Kashmir, lakhs of tourists are visiting the state, we have developed the state and now you term me as a failure," Omar said, referring to the allegations of the Congress leadership for terming his government a "failure".     

He accused the Congress for taking the credit of all the developmental works done under his leadership.

Omar ridiculed the BJP leadership for targeting his party for promoting dynasty rule in the state and said the saffron outfit itself was promoting the same.

"They say they would remove dynasty rule in the state, whereas they themselves have promoted the same in this very constituency by giving mandate to the brother of their member of Parliament," Omar said.

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