For Jammu & Kashmir, the political cauldron remains unwaveringly boiling, be it cross-border military aggression, or separatists gung-ho and stone-age politics, or internal all-party antagonistic politic-(s)-king. Hardly the dust of civil unrest owing to the stone pelting settled down, when a flag issue has flagged off, the high-decibel resonance and rhetoric of which looms large threatening those law-abiding citizens who love serenity and stability. The BJP has organized a Rashtriya Ekata Yatra, which started from Kolkata on January 12 and will pass through several states culminating in Srinagar on January 26. 

The Omar-government and BJP have crossed swords over hoisting national flag at the historical place, Lal Chowk, on the Republic Day. Hoisting a tri-colour on a red-lettered day is showing patriotism and salutation to sovereignty of the nation. Why is J&K Chief Minister Omar Abdullah so rattled and ruffled over it and have decided to stop the BJP’s Ekata Yatra and may not allow them to enter the state? His apprehension is utterly unwarranted that this will precipitate trouble in the Valley.  The CM even met with Congress president Sonia Gandhi and Home Minister P Chidambaram to get help. Omar’s somersaulting is just messing up the matter which could snowball into a major aggression. He is perhaps the first statesman of the country who drives home the point that unfurling tri-colour on the occasion of Republic Day in J&K, which is spearheaded by him, means creating hiccups. Does it indicate that Omar does not want to discomfit separatists who are making all hue and cry over it?  Any party or personal political score should not take precedence over national prestige. A citizen has every right to hoist the national flag at any part of the country. Lal Chowk is where Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru promised Kashmir a plebiscite in 1948 - a speech that forms the basis of separatist discourse.  The BJP says by bringing the flag here, it wants to spell the message that Kashmir is an integral part of India. So, why is this brouhaha for?           

This should be treated as a national concern that hoisting a national flag on the Republic Day has hit political hornet’s nest, being a debatable issue. If every part of Independent India has constitutional right to celebrate the Republic Day, why is Lal Chowk turfed out? Isn’t Lal Chowk a part of Srinagar? Or, does the BJP have no constitutional right to hoist the national flag?  If the saffron party is settling any political score through it, Omar should not dub it malafide and put a political stonewall to reap any dividend from not allowing Ekata Yatra to enter the state.