Omar questioned the decision to cancel the talks over the meeting Kashmiri separatists had with the Pakistan High Commissioner to India before the Foreign Secretary-level meeting rather than on ceasefire violations and the internal situation in Pakistan.

"If ceasefire violation is your reason to call off the dialogue, it is okay. If uncertainty in Pakistan is the reason, even that to an extent, I understand. But if it is a 'cup of tea', that I don't understand", Omar told reporters here this evening.

He was replying to questions about calling off the Foreign Secretary-level talks between India and Pakistan due to Kashmiri separatists' meeting with the Pakistan High Commissioner to India Abdul Basit in New Delhi last month.

"If you (New Delhi) would have called off the dialogue due to uncertainty in Pakistan, I would have understood that because it makes a logical sense to you. But the reason for which the Government of India called off the dialogue is a cup of tea (Pakistan High Commission's invite to Kashmiri separatists for talks) ", Omar said.

The Chief Minister said talks between the separatists and the Pakistan Embassy had continued for the last 25 years. "This cup of tea is not going to stop. That means the dialogue process will not resume"? he said.

Asked whether is it time for talks with Pakistan, Omar said "as of now, I understand there is uncertainty in Pakistan. This is not an environment conducive for the dialogue", the Chief Minister said. "But, dialogue will have to be restored", he added.

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