Omar Abdullah, CSAT, UPSC exam, NC, NCP

"It is an issue. It is an issue that needs resolution. It is an issue that has raised passions particularly among those people who are not comfortable with English as a first language. In a country as diverse as ours, we cannot force one language on the entire population," he told reporters here.

The Chief Minister said it would be "extremely unfair" to "foist" a language on a region like Jammu and Kashmir.

"Take Jammu and Kashmir for an example. We are a state with three diverse regions. Our official languages are Urdu and English. To foist a language on us, would be extremely unfair," he said.

Omar welcomed the Centre's announcement of convening an all-party meet over the issue.

"Obviously, we have a point of view. The fact that an all-party meeting has been called, which means that the National Conference will be represented... we will put our point of view across," he said.

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