Jammu (Agencies): Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah on Monday expressed his outrage on the death of two children due to an accidental explosion of a shell in Srinagar on Sunday night through a post on Twitter.

"God please put an end to all this death & destruction. How many more graveyards do we have to fill before someone says ENOUGH (sic)", Omar said in a post on the social networking website.

A 10-year-old boy and his 8-year-old sister were killed and three other members of their family were critically injured when a shell accidentally exploded at their house in
Srinagar last night.

The two children had discovered the unexploded shell from the debris of a house that was razed by security forces during a gun fight with Jaish-e-Mohammad militants in Malroo area near Srinagar in October last year.

Replying to the Tweets he received from his followers on the website, Omar said, "It doesn't matter who the hell the grenade belonged to, all that matters is that 2 young lives have been snuffed out much before their time (sic)".

The CM also tweeted: "doesn't it bother you how in every tragedy you are conditioned to blame the security forces. What about LeT that created encounter".

In reply to another Tweet, Omar said, "I'm well aware of that but unless your CM is God himself/herself there are somethings that are beyond any human's control".