"Omar Abdullah government's performance in the last five years is a 'Big Zero'. His tenure can rightly be described as years of total anarchy, failure and rampant corruption," PDP candidate for Jammu-Poonch Lok Sabha seat, Yash Pal Sharma, said while addressing a series of public meetings in Jammu.

Sharma said that Omar Abdullah government has proved itself as a non-performing liability on the people of the state. He termed the state government's five-year regime as a ‘total failure wherein the governance-deficit is increasing with every passing day’.

"I don't think there is even a single achievement of this regime during the last five years," Sharma said and listed a number of promises which Omar had made.
"The worst impact of his (Omar's) miserable governance is on the common masses, and they have been bearing brunt of mis-governance in the state during the last four years," he said.

Calling upon the people to teach a lesson to this government, Sharma said the upcoming Lok Sabha and Assembly elections would be an appropriate opportunity for them.


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