On the final day of the third Test between Australia and India at the Melbourne Cricket Ground, the  TV presenter described Anushka as Kohli's wife. However, Slater soon realized his mistake and called her Kohli's 'fiancee'.

Though Anushka is not much upfront about her relationship, Virat has recently accepted that he is seeing the Bollywood actress.

"It is out in the open. We are not hiding anything, we are not trying to hide anything. I don't want to hide anything. But if you get repeatedly asked on the same thing and if it is made a matter of debate then both the individuals don't feel it is right," Kohli had said.

"If you are seen together somewhere and still people ask 'is it confirmed?', then it is a matter of common sense. If you know then why ask the same question, that is our basic logic behind it. It is not something wrong apparently for people that we are doing. We will not personally like to speak about it because it is something very personal for us and that should be respected by the media and everyone else as well," he added.

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