Collodion newborns are very rare and born once among six lakh babies. The plastic baby has grabbed huge attention in Amritsar with its fish like face and sausage skin.

A doctor was quoted as saying that "the baby starts crying when someone touches her. She looks like a rubber doll and her face appears to be similar to that of a fish. Her eyes and lips are red hot. The baby is unable to suck properly."

Collodion babies are born among one in every six lakh babies and this is a kind of a disease and a kind of a genetic disorder. Reports suggest that in some serious cases the plastic coated skin makes the life of newborn woeful as the skin is very much prone to infections specially when the body sheds skin.

Although this is the second incident of plastic baby born in Amritsar. Earlier in 2014, another plastic baby was born but died within three days of birth.


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