The opportunity comes your way courtesy Groupon India, which has collaborated with Friendicoes SECA to launch a one of a kind Friendship Day deal aimed at the welfare and rehabilitation of stray dogs in the capital.

People can donate any amount ranging from Rs 99 to Rs 499, and help provide much needed attention and relief to a rescued or injured street dog in need. For Rs 99, you can help provide a meal for a rescued dog, for Rs 299 you can help provide first aid and medical treatment, including antibiotics and intravenous fluids, for a rescued dog and if you choose to dish out Rs 499, it will help provide an animal ambulance to rescue an injured dog from the streets.

"Neglected and uncared for, street dogs often do not have access to bare essentials like food, water and basic medical attention. By timing this deal around Friendship's Day, we hope to provide a platform for dog-lovers across the country to join a cause that is close to their hearts," Ankur Warikoo, CEO, Groupon India, said in a statement.

The idea is to reach out to a wider audience across the country and tap the online community where the younger audiences resides, said Geeta Seshamani, vice president, Friendicoes SECA.

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