Striking right cord and touching upon the issues concerned with common people, President Pratibha Devisingh Patil, in her address to the nation on the eve of 62nd Republic Day, dwelt on corruption and skyrocketing prices and also emphasized that sanctity of the Parliament must be maintained. She summarily dubbed corruption an enemy for development and for good governance. It vividly indicates that the President wants to ventilate this message to ministers and mandarins. The people of the country wish that our leaders and officials sitting on high pedestal ought to be more accountable and they should honour to their work. It is disappointing that hoi polloi have embraced the fact that corruption has taken enormity and there is a deliberate bid not to make any effort to bridle it. It augers bad for any nation that people lose faith in the ruling dispensation, which spawns anarchism, proving major stumbling block for the development activities. India is passing through a very crucial time that whole world has fixed its gaze on the country’s vibrant and robust economy. But slackness of ministers and policy makers will be a banana skin for the country and it could eclipse the shining prospect of India. The President emphatically stated that sloppiness and insensitiveness in the field of public service could not be tolerated. Every year the President addresses the nation on the eve of the Republic Day and cautions against corruption and sleaze which is rampant in our system, but the problem is that address is simply scripted in journals and broadsheets only.

India as a republic made successful odyssey of 62 years and set a milestone. But everyone knows we have potential to make longer strides to bag more than what we have achieved so far. We can proudly stick out our chest for the immense resources and energy that we have around, provided they should be utilized properly and honestly. We need to make an outline of our target so that people of young democratic country will work together to achieve the target. It is disappointing, those who are holding the rein of country looks short-sighted. India as a great nation can progress only when its institutions and systems would be made more efficient and viable through which the foundation stone of the Republic India was laid. It is saddening that many such institutions are now getting worse which is in turn getting detrimental to the development. The most fretting thing is that the Parliament, which is the repository of the sovereignty of the country, is halted owing to the warring attitude of the ruling and the opposition. This was reflected as a major concern while the President was addressing the nation on this very occasion. The celebration of the Republic Day is a right occasion to mull over the weaknesses and take solemn oath to steer the nation to a new high.