Six Americans were recovered safely and US special forces assisted in the rescue efforts, US officials said earlier. The State Department said in a statement that out of respect for the family of the victim, it had no further information for the time being. The Washington Post and ABC News identified her as Anita Datar, 41, from Maryland.
Yesterday gunmen shouting Islamic slogans attacked the Radisson Blu hotel, which is frequented by foreigners, taking 170 people hostage in Bamako, the country's capital. At least 27 people were reported dead after Malian commandos stormed the hotel and dozens of people were reported to have escaped or been freed.

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>>Mali declares 10-day state of emergency following hotel attack

Representatives for US Africa Command said American military personnel were helping move civilians to safety as Malian forces cleared the Radisson Blu. "Mali forces have the lead in Bamako," Africa Command said in a tweet. "Small team of US troops assisting with relocating rescued hostages."
Army Colonel Mark Cheadle, a spokesman for Africa Command, said six Americans were recovered from the hotel and he believed all were alive. Another defense official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said five US Defense Department personnel were at the hotel at the time of the siege and all have been accounted for. "We have no reports of any injuries," the official said.

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