Mumbai: The camp culture in Bollywood is evident every time a cast is announced before the film is made. One doesn’t have to look far to confirm this trend. However, Tabu believes that one can survive without adhering to a particular camp in B-Town. And also that she’s a prime example of such deliberate isolation!

Tabu, who has been in the film industry for more than two decades now, will be next seen in Ang Lee’s upcoming 3D film. She adds that she never felt like having to choose between camps.

“Besides, I rarely had the chance to decide between two camps! If somebody else were making these decisions for me, I would have happily allowed them to. I neither write the scripts nor produce the films. As an actor, I just stick to what I can do best with the opportunity that comes my way, be it in any medium of cinema.”

The 41-year-old actress also finds the camp culture a bit too nauseating. “I think we should call it a comfort zone. It’s but natural for you to feel comfortable with a set of people for whatever reason. Anyway, I can’t compartmentalise my life in such a way that I have to adhere to rules when it comes to relations in the industry. One can’t separate friends and work here. It’s perfectly OK to work with a certain group of people and repeat that equation with n number of films.”


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