Hair is usually known as a woman's crowning glory. Apart from a woman's face, her hair is the most visible part of her body. No surprise, most women make such a big fuss over their hair.

Especially, an actress or model flaunting lustrous hair invites jealousy from all those house-wives and working women sitting at home. But it should be known that the female actors do not get compliment for their beautiful locks for nothing. A lot of their time is spent in maintaining their tresses.

So if you too dream of attracting eyeballs and make others jealous with your flowing silky tresses then start taking care of them. Here are a few tips to keep your locks ‘chalke chakle damke damke’.

Know the texture of your hair

First and foremost, it is very important to find out the texture of your hair, whether it is oily, fry or normal and chose your shampoo and conditioner accordingly. Here, one thing should be remembered that the texture of hair can change after the use of any kind of chemical treatment or with the change in season. Hair texture also changes with age.

Therefore, you need to visit a hair stylist every three months to ask him to suggest you ways to maintain silky and healthy hair. Most importantly, make sure that the shampoo and conditioner which you are using is sulphate-free as so that the natural oil in your hair is maintained.

Wash your hair carefully

We normally apply shampoo directly on our head and start massaging it. But this process of applying shampoo should be avoided as repeating this will result in loss of hair from that particular area where we pour shampoo.

We, therefore, should avoid applying shampoo directly on our head. Instead, it should be mixed with lukewarm water first and then applied gently on hair and massaged. After sometime, wash off the shampoo and rinse hair carefully.


To make sure that your hair is properly rinsed, take a small section of your hair between your fingers and rub gently. If bubbles are formed then be sure that hair has not been rinsed properly.

Also, don’t apply shampoo very frequently as it will make your hair rough. Always use conditioner after washing hair. During the monsoon season, apply shampoo once in two days to prevent bacterial infection.

Hair mask

If your hair is well hydrated then you will not face the problems of roughness of hair and split ends. To keep your hair hydrated, use hair masks like Keastase Nutririve Masque Nutri-Thermique mask or L’Oréal Paris Total Repair five.


Always use cold water to rinse the conditioner. Shampoo opens up the hair cuticles and the use of cold water helps in closing the cuticles thus retaining the nutrients.

Also, go for a hair spa or deep conditioning treatment once a week.

Roots must be strong

The secret to long, black and healthy hair is a healthy scalp. A clean and healthy scalp is very essential for lustrous tresses.

Give your hair and scalp a hot oil massage as this improves the circulation of blood.

Also, your hair and scalp can indicate your stress level. For example, soft, glowing and healthy hair suggests that you are in a good mood and not at all stressed out. But  rough and dry hair suggests that you are under stress and need a head massage with essential oils to de-stress yourself.

Mix few drops of olive oil with eucalyptus oil or peppermint essential oil. Then massage your hair for half an hour with this oil. After that again massage your hair with stimulate oil. Then wash your hair with a shampoo. This process prevents hair fall.


Don’t comb your hair when it is dry as this triggers hair fall.

After washing, dry your hair with a soft towel gently.

After applying few drops of hair serum, comb your hair with a wide toothed comb. And finally, apply any moisturizing product like Sebestian professional Whipped Cream on your hair.

Protein is necessary

Do you know that the main reason of hair fall is lack of protein in the body?  According to dermatologist Dr Chiranjeev, hair follicles are made of protein. That is why consumption of proteinaceous food on a daily basis is a must. One egg a day will keep hair fall at bay. And if you are a vegetarian, soya milk will serve the purpose of arresting hair fall.