Reports suggest that 51,702 people were screened for TB and diabetes during the period. Among them around 1,448 (2.8 percent) persons had suffered from TB and 3,023 (5.9 percent) had diabetes.

Out of which the people suffering from TB, only 539 (37 percent) patients had completed their treatment meanwhile around 507 (16.7 percent) patient of diabetes were still undergoing treatment. Among TB patients, 382 (26.4 percent) were also living with diabetes.

The two-day summit convened on 2-3 November in Bali, was together organised with the Indonesian Ministry of Health and  The International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease and the World Diabetes Foundation. The duo signed the Bali declaration, uniting more than 100 global health officials and experts behind a campaign to fight the twin menace of TB and diabetes.

“Today, we’re committing to take action to stop this double threat,” said José Luis Castro, Executive Director of The Union.

“We have evidence and we have practical solutions, such as providing TB patients with screening for diabetes and vice-versa", he added.

Experts say that  tuberculosis and diabetes accelerating worldwide as a result posing  global health challenges and affecting millions of people.

According to a WHO report,  387 million people are affected by diabetes globally, whereas around 1.5 million people died of TB in 2014, making it the leading cause of  death in the world due to infectious disease.


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