New Delhi: Efforts to eradicate poverty and improve the living standard of people in the national capital are proving to be a damp squib, as the number of slum dwellers has increased manifold.

A major part of Delhi is encompassed by slum areas, and according to a recent survey conducted by Ministry of Housing and Poverty Alleviation, one out of five persons of Delhi is a slum dweller.

As per the ministry report, the number of slum dwellers has gone past 31.63 lakh. Ten years ago, the slum population was around 23.18 lakh. This indicates, that each year around 80,000 to 90,000 slum dwellers add to the number. There are 3133 slum areas in Delhi out of which 1058 are registered and 2075 are non-registered.

However, it is not only Delhi, but Haryana too, which is facing a similar kind of problem.

In Haryana, the number of slum dwellers has increased by 10 lakh in last ten years and presently the slum population of the state is above 33 lakh.

On the national level, there are around 9.30 crore people living in slum areas. In 2001, the number of slum residents in the country was 7.52 crore.

The report states that slums have increased in those areas where rapid industrialization has taken place. For example, Maharashtra, where industrialization is on fast pace, has maximum number of slum dwellers.

The slum population in Uttar Pradesh is 1.08 crore, 86 lakh in Tamil Nadu, 85 lakh in West Bengal and 81 lakh in Andhra Pradesh. However, in comparison the slum population of Bihar, Jharkhand, Orissa and Assam is relatively low.