Washington: Paula Rosdol, a sassy American lady with a smart line in self-help advice at her London School of Love, gives lessons on repackaging and marketing oneself while looking for love online.

“I’ve helped well over 150 women between the ages of 35 and 70, and some men who come to me for advice on finding love on internet dating sites,” the Mirror quoted Rosdol as saying.

“I tell them, you’re competing with thousands of other women... you have to look your best.

“I have a client in her mid-30s who came to me saying, I get the dates but men just want take me to bed straight away.

“So I looked at her profile. She had eight typos in her copy, she talked about how she loved partying and going to gigs, and her photo made her look cheap, which she wasn’t in person.

“She was sending out the wrong message,” she said.

Paula’s philosophy is simple “women say I want men to like the inner me, but based on male psychology, if he doesn’t like the outer you, he’s never going to know the inner you.

“Feminists out there are going to have to bite the bullet because this is how men are built. They’re visual, while women are aural... we love to hear romantic words,” Paula said.

“After that, it’s a matter of choosing an internet dating site and ­getting your profile advert right.

“I tend to advise my clients to start with Match.com, simply because it’s the biggest.

“But there are sites for single parents, music or wine lovers. Sign up for a month and test drive them. The more media you use, the better your chances.

“But I’d avoid the free ones.

“The quality is fairly poor. I’m from the school of thought that says if you don’t pay for it, it’s not worth it,’ she said.

An international marketing consultant before becoming a love coach, Paula tried internet dating for two years before meeting her husband.

“I dated 125 men but I was never disappointed because my criteria was pretty specific... no workaholics, no young children and they must like travel,” she said.

“So I advise women to have three main requirements in the man they’re looking for – the things they can or cannot live without,” she added.


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