London: Despite high hopes fostered whilst young, only one in five people in Britain actually end up with a dream job, a poll has revealed. The finding implies that just 15 per cent have followed their childhood dreams. The survey revealed that more than one in 10 men wanted to become a footballer, 11 per cent dreamt of becoming airline pilots and seven per cent had hoped to become soldiers.

Some 20 per cent of the women questioned chose nursing as their dream career, and teaching was the second most popular profession.

Politics was the least desirable career for both sexes, with only one per cent choosing it as their ideal job, a daily reported.

The poll of 1,044 adults found that people in the North East are the least likely to realise their career dreams, with 93 per cent ending up in a different job from the one they wanted as a child.

The South East sees the most dreams come true, with almost a fifth achieving their childhood ambitions.
"Not everyone can be a professional footballer," Jason Kemp of JCB Toughphones, which commissioned the poll, said.


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