New Delhi: Mobile users in India are a meager 26 per cent of the total population. This revelation was made in a survey done by the global telecom body GSM Association (GSMA).

GSMA said that there are only 38 crore mobile users in India though the government data claims it to be more than 70 crore.

According to GSMA’s recent survey, the number of mobile users having two SIMs is increasing at a very rapid pace and hence the government statistics have more number of mobile users than actual.

The latest statics issued by the Telecom regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) pegged the number of mobile users at 90.43 crore which is 71 per cent of the total population. According to this, teledensity, based on total number of mobile connections, in India has increased up to 74.21 per cent. But the reality is far away from the fact.

GSMA Director General Anne Bouverot said the figures in their research shows that there are around 906 million connections in the country. These 906 million connections correspond to about 71 percent of the population.

“But, if you look at unique subscribers, in India we find that on an average people have 2.2 SIMs per person. Worldwide average SIM per person is about 1.85 SIMs which shows that only 45 per cent of the world population is mobile users”, Bouverot said.

Anne said that the GSMA considers India as the second biggest market in terms of mobile connections.
According to GSMA there are around 3.2 billion mobile users all over the world which will rise up to 4 billion in next five years.

JPN/ Bureau

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