'Mizya' marks the return of writer-lyricist Gulzar to screenplay writing after a gap of 17 years. The actress says she will not even mind if 'Mirzya' becomes the last film of her career because for her to star in a movie, written by Gulzar, is more than enough.

"'Mirzya' can be my last film but the fact that I can die saying I worked in a film written by Gulzar saab is in itself everything for me. We are extremely blessed to be part of the film, which marks his return to scriptwriting," Saiyami told PTI.

"That's the only thing I am nervous about. I am really hoping that I have lived up to Gulzar saab's writing because that's a huge responsibility on our shoulders."

Saiyami, 24, is the granddaughter of yesteryear actress Usha Kiran and niece of acclaimed actresses like Shabana Azmi and Tanvi Azmi.

But unlike other star kids, acting was not always Saiyami's ambition. The actress initially wanted to become a national level badminton player.

"My parents shifted to Nasik because they wanted to raise us in a smaller town. They wanted to keep away from film world because they wanted us to have an upbringing where our life is not only about films but other things.

"My childhood was about sports. I played badminton, cricket for Maharashtra. It was only after I entered college that the acting bug bit me."

Saiyami got drawn towards theatre, but during the preparation for "Mirzya", she realised acting is what she wants to do for the rest of her life.

"I quit badminton because I felt if I was not playing for India then what's the point? Then I started doing a lot of theatre.

"I was sent to Delhi to train for 'Mirzya'. I learnt under Adil Hussain and Dilip Shankar, who is his acting guru. It was during these three months that I realised acting was my calling. I became sure that I want to act all my life. So, the journey of 'Mirzya' has been a very special and personal one for me."