Ashwini Kaleskar: Maham anga in Jodha Akbar

To be a good vamp:
One should understand the narrative and look genuine while enacting the negative streak of the role.

Character empathy: Unlike Mahamanga who is manipulative, I am direct and honest.

Favourite villains: Late actors Nadira and Amrish Puri. I also like Kajol in a negative role.

Audience reaction: While playing Jigyasa in Kasamh Se, people would say things like ‘satyanaash ho tera, mar kyun nahi jati.’ When I fell sick, my mom felt my health was suffering because of their curses (laughs).

Favorite character: Asha from CID, Jigyaasa from Kasamh Se and Maham Anga from Jodha Akbar.

If not an actor:
I was an air hostess before I became an actor, I would have continued with my job.
Dream role: To play the late Prime Minister Indira Gandh in a film. I would also love to enact Sharmila Tagore’s role in Mausam, Rekha’s in Umrao Jaan and Kajol’s in Fanaa.

Kanica Maheshwari: Meenakshi in Diya Aur Baati Hum

To be a good villain: Look convincing enough to make people hate you.

Empathy with character: I am extremely emotional unlike my character Meenakshi. I am very bubbly and easy going in nature.

Favourite villains: The iconic Pran.

Audience reaction: When people ask me why I trouble others in the show, it’s a huge compliment.

Favourite character: Ami from India Calling.

If not an actor: I would have been a colour therapist as I had studied vaastu and colour therapy in college.

Dream role: Nargis’ role in Mother India.

Krutika Desai: Ekadish in Uttaran

To be a vamp: Irrespective of positive or negative, one has to be a good actor to convey the correct emotions of a character.
Empathy with the character: Fortunately none. I believe in the ‘forgive and forget’ policy while she is vengeful and has no positive emotions at all.

Favourite villain: Amjad Khan and Ajit. Seema Biswas also did a good job in Bandit Queen.

Audience reaction: Kids seem petrified of my haircut, I had to keep a military cut for the role.

Favourite character: I enjoyed playing the different characters in Chandrakanta on DD-Sabya and Amba.

If not an actor: I would have been a clinical psychologist.

Dream role: Julia Roberts in Erin Brockovich.

Nigaar Khan, Mangla in Buddha

To be a good vamp:
Honesty and practice. I agreed with actor Naseeruddin Shah when he said that though musicians and singers practiced before performing, actors don’t believe in rehearsals.

Empathy with character: I am content with what I have while Mangla is hungry for power.

Favourite villain: The late Amrish Puri and Lalita Pawar. Also Al Pacino is par excellence in his negative portrayals.
Audience reaction: My neighborhood uncle once compared me to the veteran actor Yakub. He said that after the legendary actor, it was my acting that made him hate a villian. Once a gentleman walked up to me at a wedding and said, “Every time you come on TV, I feel like strangling you” (laughs).

Favourite played character on TV: Sheetal Singhania in Lipstick Rajbala in Mitwa Phool Kamal Ke.
If not an actor: A jockey as my father had two horses. Since I gave tuitions to kids, I could have been a teacher too.
Dream role: Nina Myers’ role in the US version of 24 and Meryl Streep in The Devil Wears Prada.

Surekha Sikri: Kalyani Devi in Balika Vadhu

To be a vamp: An actor needs to understand human nature and enact its different facets.

Empathy with character: Except for not being overly strict and narrow minded, I am similar to my screen character in most manners.

Favourite villain: Kevin Spacey.

Audience reaction: It’s endearing when men as old as me touch my feet saying I remind them of their dadi (laughs).
Favourite character on TV: Can’t say I have enjoyed playing every role.

If not an actor: I would have been a classical singer.

Dream role: Hamlet.

Courtesy: Mid-day

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