There is always a buzz in the town about celebrities' larger than life image off screen also. Celebs who lead life king size and splurge fortunes on modest things to epitome of luxurious items. When it comes to celebrities' mania, it works on a more uncanny and crazier level which might make ordinary folks prone to vertiginous disorder.

Our stunning celebrities who strive to maintain their fetishes or crazy habits are beyond our imagination. Here's a list of obsessions which have been a tittle-tattle of tinsel town as well.

Sunny Leone
Adult star-turned-actress loves her feet and has an obsession to keep them clean. While shooting, she cleans her feet after very 15-20 minutes.

Salman Khan
Bhai of Bollywood goes week on his knees not only before his girlfriends but also for aromatic, herbal soaps and perfumes. He has stacked all kinds of herbal soaps in his bathroom.

Priyanka Chopra
Desi girl's fetish for shoes is interesting. Unlike ordinary person, she has collection of over 80 pairs of designer shoes.

Sonam Kapoor
Style fiesta of Bollywood sets trend for others everyday and she has an obvious obsession of shopping extravagantly. Her favourite shopping destinations are London, Paris and New York.

King of Romance has weird obsession. Though he can afford to wear magnificent apparels everyday, he prefers to abide by classy pair of blue jeans. He owns more than 1500 pairs of blue slim fit denims. Okay! This is something crazy.

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