1. Any policy U-turn would be possible only if large producers outside the exporters' group, notably Russia were to join coordinated output cuts.

2. While Moscow may consult OPEC oil ministers before their six-monthly meeting next week, the chances of it helping to halt the price slide remain slim.
"Unless non-OPEC say they are willing to help, I think there will be no change," said a delegate from a major OPEC producer.
3. When the exporters' group last met in Vienna in June, Saudi oil minister Ali al-Naimi and those from other wealthy Gulf states could barely hide their jubilation.
4. OPEC's historic decision in November 2014, to pump more oil and defend its market share against surging rival suppliers was working, they proclaimed, as crude traded near USD 65 per barrel.

5. Six months later, it has hit USD 45, down from as much as USD 115 in the middle of last year.
6. Now some member states are talking about a return to twenty-dollar-oil, last seen at the turn of the millennium. They point to Iranian confidence that international sanctions on its economy will be lifted by the end of the year.

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