Patna: Without taking name of Planning Commission member Abhijit Sen, Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar on the last day of there-day long Global Bihar Summit 2012, blamed Central Government for neglecting Bihar which is facing economic backwardness.

“Rules are equal for all, then why Bihar is ignored? Why not funds for Bihar? When the Planning Commission will open its treasury accounts for Bihar,” Kumar pointed out here on Sunday.

“If the Planning Commission don’t provide us funds, its claim of development is worthless,” he said.

“Bharosa kijiye, garib aadmi baimaan nahi hota (Trust us, poor people are not dishonest),” Kumar said at the valedictory function of Global Summit on Changing Bihar.

Claiming that tourist inflow from across the country and abroad to Bihar has increased substantially, he said, “Why hasn't four-lane road between Patna and Gaya constructed to improve connectivity and boost the tourism? Don’t you think we (Bihar) also need four-lane roads?”

“Private companies are flocking to Bihar and developing projects on PPP basis. Private companies are investing for the Bakhtiyarpur-Tajpur road with a mega bridge over the river Ganges,” he counted.

According to Kumar, Nepal Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai’s visit to Bihar will open new opportunities of investment.

“There was no investment made in Bihar during the British colonial rule and even after Independence by successive Central governments,” Kumar said.

“Bihar has become the first state in the country to constitute an agriculture 'cabinet' with an aim to improve the agrarian sector. We have allocated Rs 400 crore for green revolution. We have also planned projects worth Rs 1.5 lakh crore and to implement it, we need Planning Commission’s help,” he said.

“Our projects are aimed at increasing the per capita income,” he added.