Chatra: On verge of a major success, the Central paramilitary forces and police teams of Bihar and Jharkhand under Operation Blue Moon have cordoned off over 300 Naxals including several commanders in the forests of Chatra and Palamu districts.

In a move to compel the Naxals to surrender, the security forces have ensured that ration supply is not provided to them. Facing an acute food crisis, the Naxal encompassed by forces are unable to reach out to their aides for help. Sources maintained that with no facility to recharge the battery, the mobile phones used by Naxals have got discharged.

The 18 companies of Bihar and Jharkhand police have surrounded the over 300 Naxals equipped with modern weapons since Friday. 

Police and Cobra forces have stopped the ration facility to the Naxals. Intensifying the raids, the security forces have ensured that the aides of Naxals do not get an opportunity to extend a helping hand to their colleagues trapped in forests.