The smartphone features an unique rotating camera, as also another which it claimed was the world's thinnest yet.

Besides featuring the much-loved swivel camera feature, the N3 also has the capability to capture pictures in 360-degree mode, along with other added elements like multi-angle, wide-angle and panaromic shots.

OPPO said its R5 high-definition phone is the world's thinnest at just 4.85 mm in width.

The N3 focuses on detailing and its 16 megapixel camera can take high-resolution images for high quality prints. It also showcases unique target-tracking focus shift function -- users only need to identify the target in focus and the camera will constantly modify its angle to follow the moving target, helping users create some clear, pristine photos and videos.

As regards the R5, OPPO said it uses what is called phase-change material that keeps it at a constant cool temperature while maintaining functionality. It lets you shoot with a maximum focus time of 0.18 seconds and delivers 50 megapixel, high-def picture clarity.

In addition to add to its user-friendly functionalities, the R5 also includes OPPO's mini rapid charging system, where a 30-minute charge will provide 75 percent battery life and a five-minute charge will allow for a two-hour call.

In 2013, when OPPO launched the N1, it was billed as the world's first featuring a rotating camera. Its Find7 phone launched earlier this year was designed to take 50 megapixel, ultra-high-density pictures.