The switching political party in the run-up of election has become an essential political phenomenon in the country. In an indication of compromising their principles and political stand in order to remain hooked with power, turncoats chip in other parties for seeking better political fortunes. The induction of ex-BSP Babu Singh Kushwaha of UP, who has been accused for Rs 2,000 crore National Rural Health Mission scam by the CBI, in BJP is the best example of opportunistic politics prevailing in the country. The pertinent question is, why has the BJP, which took high moral ground on corruption, rolled out red carpet for the tainted minister and let him ring in its fold? What political gains will the BJP get from inducting Kushwaha? Is Kushwaha a head of his community or people will vote as per his instruction? Of course, caste factor is a defining line of Indian politics and people get biased while voting, however the BJP should take notice that not only numbers of voters are increasing but also their mindset changing.

The people especially youths have become more aware and take prudent decision, keeping aside caste and creed factors while voting as they want only good governance and development. The voters would not get motivated by tainted and scandalous leaders. It is laudable that the entry of Kushwaha into the saffron fold has invited backlash inside the BJP, but the nub of the matter is how a tainted leader has easily joined the BJP that boasts of being distinguished and armtwisting the Centre on the issue of graft and black money. Whatever explanation the BJP may give, but the party’s decision to lap up Kushwaha has triggered off public outrage as well as the message has been spelt out that leaders are willingly stonewalling political reform. It is disappointing, on the one hand Anna’s movement against corruption has electrified the nation, on the other such disparaging act is happening on the political turf. Surprisingly, the BJP has thrown its weight behind Anna’s anti-graft move, but it has joined with ex-BSP minister who hit the headline for wrong cause. Undoubtedly, the BJP has tarnished its image and it would certainly bear the brunt in elections.