"What was promised to be a big-bang reforms and people-oriented budget has ended with a whimper," she said.     

Quoting Greek philosopher Plato, Choudhary, the MLA from Tosham, said, "reality is a poor copy of the ideal."     

She said that BJP, which had made "tall promises" to the electorate before the polls, was now confronted with hard realities and had failed to tell the public how they were going to fulfill their promises.

"No measures have been listed to spur growth, no steps have been taken to rein in deficit, no schemes for the welfare of the man in the street and no plans to lessen the woes of the suffering farmer," she said.

Continuing further, she said, "Neither it is 'Achha Budget', as promised by the chief minister while presenting the White Paper (earlier on state finances), nor it holds the promise of ushering in 'Achhe Din', as vowed by the BJP," Choudhry alleged.

She claimed that state Finance Minister Capt Abhimanyu has done nothing to facilitate capital formation which means creation of capital assets, vital for the growth of any economy.     

"With almost half the revenue getting consumed by pay, pension and interest payments, he should have resorted to innovative non-taxation measures to mop up resources for creating capital assets as debt burden has increased," she said.
"Nothing has been done to make 'Make in India, Make in Haryana' a reality. It remains a slogan," she said.

The BJP government has failed to fulfill even a single promise made to the people, be it growers, employees, wage earners, traders and even students, she claimed.

"Besides other things, BJP had promised to provide Rs 6,000 as unemployment allowance to those who have passed class XII, and Rs 9,000 to unemployed graduates and post-graduate students, but they are silent on this now," she added.

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