"Ahead of polls, they used to claim that Modi's Gujarat model of development is nothing more than a balloon. Even to negate my claims, they had to mention it inevitably," Modi said during his massive rally in Ahmedabad on Friday evening.
“They didn't realise what kind of a magician I am. They tried to escape the issue of development but I forced them to fight precisely on that agenda," he said.
"This election has proved that polls can be won in the country on the issue of development alone. This verdict is a verdict for development, to take India forward and to work hard to fulfill people's dreams," he said.
Without of taking any names, Modi referred to the Opposition as ‘vested interests’, who according to him, made big issues out of nothing.
"Some vested interests tried to divert the attention by bringing up non-existent issues, such as some garbage lying on the Sabarmati river front. Though this group tried to attack me, ultimately they had to talk about development indirectly," he said, mocking the Congress.
"This is the first time when people who are not in power set the agenda of the election and not those who were in power. We decided to stick to our development agenda, and the Congress did not know what to do," he said.
After winning with a thumping majority, Modi went soft on those who lost.
"The people of India have given the mandate to the BJP, but this mandate is not against other parties, who did not even open their account. For us, such parties are equally important, just like those who won several seats. The era of enmity and hatred is over. I look forward to build a great nation," Modi said.
"After independence, no government made development a mission. The countries, which got independence after us, are now ahead of India. We need 10 years to make this 21st century India's century,” he added.


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