Participating in the discussion for consideration and passing of the Prevention of Corruption (Amendment)Bill, 2013, Naresh Agrawal (SP) suggested that the government was bringing such anti-corruption bills in a 'haste' alleging it was seeking to deflect attention from its 'failure' in bringing back black money and called for a 'reconsideration' of the measure.
Holding that mere enactment of laws cannot check corruption, he cited instances of the situation after enactment of tough laws on violence against women after the Nirbhaya gang rape case and asked whether cases of women atrocities have stopped after that.
The anti-corruption amendment bill is aimed at enhancing penalty for graft to a maximum of seven years from five years now, among other new provisions to check the menace. Agrawal rued that while MPs can lose their membership in corruption cases after this bill, prior permission will be required for action against any officer of and above the Joint Secretary level.
"Once this law comes into force, cops can put behind bars anybody they want. It is not good giving so much powers to the police. The membership of MPs can go but you are protecting officers. You will have to take prior permission to start prosecution against them. You want to protect officers at the level of Joint Secretary," Agrawal said.

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